Size Charts

For Tops

If your child is cooperative: 

Have your child stand straight, back against the wall. Place the tape measure flat on the wall and… attempt to grab your measuring tape away from him.

Bringing us to...

If your child is not cooperative: 

Wait til he is finally asleep, then try to gently stretch him out to his full length. Take a flexible tape measure and measure from his top of his head to his feet.

If this fails, then: Take a piece of his existing T-shirt and lay on a flat surface. Measure shoulder to shoulder, pit to pit and length of T-shirt.

For Bottoms

Note: For the bottoms, the length will depend on the design and style of the piece, so the measurements above under the lengths may not be relevant.

For Rompers

These sizing tables only serves as only an approximate guideline. Sometimes, there might be up to 0.5cm to 1.5cm difference due to materials and cutting. When in doubt, you may want to get a bigger size, they can always grow into it. 

Tip: They are usually more cooperative at the doctor's, so do remember to have your child measure his height in the clinic during routine checkups. 

Our Models

Xiang Xiang

Age: 11 months

Height: 65 cm

Weight: 9 kg

Wears 66cm


Age: 13 months

Height: 78 cm

Weight: 9.5 kg

Wears 80cm


Age: 3 years

Height: 96cm


Wears 100cm