Careful Chloe

Careful Chloe

The most practical of our favor bags, the Careful Chloe Kit comes in a nifty red zipped red cross pouch. The size is perfect to slip into your bag or even pop into the children's own backpacks. It is a handy pouch to take on an overseas trip or a day outing. 

This first aid kit includes an ice pack gel which comes in the cute form of watermelon or kiwi or orange. This gel pack can be popped into the freezer or fridge and serves as an portable ice pack for nursing fevers, soothing bruises or just act as cooling pack on a hot day. 

Included too are two alcohol swabs and two cotton buds already filled with blue antiseptic so all you need to do it is snap open the cotton bud head and apply the antiseptic directly on the wound. Easy peasy!  (Remember to remind the kids that this is not a toy and not to play with it)

Lastly, two super cute cartoon plasters are added in the kit to cover up any wound. The kids will definately feel better after using these adorable plasters! 

Items include:

1. One Ice Pack Gel

2. Two individually packed Alcohol Swabs 

3. Two antiseptic filled Cotton Buds

4. Two Adhesive Plaster 

The items are packed compactly in a 16cm by 11cm red zipper pouch. 

Note: We apologize that we are unable to accommodate requests of selecting specific colors or designs for each of the items above. As best as we can, a random variety of colors and designs will be packed (if purchasing more than one set.)

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