Fun Flynn

Fun Flynn

Bring out your child's Inner Child with this Fun Flynn set!

Use the fun party masks in our pack as a photo prop or just as a toy for the kids to masquerade in. 

Next, these colorful floating inflatable donut drink holder, which fit one cup perfectly, are a must have this summer, whether you are using it in the pool or even at home to entice the kids to drink more water. The center of donut drink Holders have about a three-inch diameter so they accommodate most cans and cups. You can also fill them with snacks and fruits. These inflatable donuts are easy to stash away when not in use. 

Our temporary tattoos will most certainly keep the kids entertained (well, for a little while). They are super easy to put on and remove.

How to use: 1. Choose and cut out one desired tattoo from the sheet. 2. Skin should be clean and dry. 3. Remove clear top sheet. 4. Press tattoo, design facing down, onto skin. 5. Hold wet cloth against back of tattoo. Press down for 30 seconds (important) and make sure to wet it thoroughly. 6. Peel off paper backing.  

Also included are our popular mini post-It notes (Side-It) from Korean Brand Pony Brown. These mini post it sticky notes are mini but pack a punch ~ oozing cuteness!

Items include:

1. One Party Mask 

2. One inflatable Donut cup/snack Holder 

3. One sheet of Temporary Tattoos 

4. Two Pony Brown Side-it Notes

The items are packed in a 24cm by 13cm brown Kraft bag and decorated with an animal wrap sticker. You can get your kids' s help to customize the bags by writing their friends' name on the bags.

Note: We apologize that we are unable to accommodate requests of selecting specific colors or designs for each of the items above. As best as we can, a random variety of colors and designs will be packed (if purchasing more than one set.)

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